Hosted Tours for Seniors

Travelling can be a great way to spend a week or two, and hosted tours are one of the best ways to experience foreign places. On Show Travel has three hosted tour holidays for you to choose from. We focus on seniors over the age of 50 because we want seniors to have an exciting and fun time with like-minded people. Call us today to learn more about our hosted tours for seniors.

What Our Tours Include

When you come to us for hosted tours for single seniors and senior couples, you’ll have your choice of three different destinations and packages:


  • Mexico and Cuba, our most expensive package that includes 15 days of guided touring.
  • Sri Lanka, our least expensive tour and a lovely 16-day trip through the beautiful island off the coast of India.
  • Japan, our shortest tour at only 13 days, you get to see the stunning cherry blossoms and other sites that Japan has to offer.

Each hosted tour for singles over 50 has its own unique features, destinations and tourist attractions, so click below to download the entire brochure for each of our tours. Our hosted tours for solo seniors and senior couples are sure to be a great experience. After all, who doesn’t want to see the world? With our tours, we want to take you to places you couldn’t make it to when you were younger.

What We Do For You

With our exclusive tours, you don’t have to worry about planning your own trip. Instead, you’ll always have a professional with you to make sure that your holiday is perfect. Plus, we keep our tours small, so you get personal time with a small group of people you can relate to, and the tour guide can provide personalized holiday plans for each small group.

We are fully accredited with the Australian Federation of Travel Agents, so you can be confident that you’re in professional hands. Call us today on 1 300 619 883 to learn more.



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