Travel Tips and other useful Websites

No matter what country you are going to or what you are doing we have a few tips regarding your health, safety and financial well-being.

Do you want to know what vaccinations to get for the countries that you are visiting? where your nearest travel doctor is located?

What will the weather be like in different countries be like in different times of the year?

What will the time differences be if you want to contact home while you are away?

What currencies are accepted and what are the latest conversion rates?/ where you can get currencies before to go.

Simply give us a ring and we can answer all your questions

Here are a few web links to help you with your trip planning

Australian Government Advice for Travellers - General advise for Australians travelling overseas.

Currency Convertor - A currency tool that allows you to perform foreign exchange rate calculations on the Internet, using up-to-the-minute currency rates.

World Times - A graphical display of world times.

Major City Time - Gives you the time for anywhere in the world, clicking on the city gives you more information.

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology - forecasts, warnings and the latest weather.

Travel Doctor - An Australian based website offering advice on vaccinations and general travel health tips.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - an American based website advising on travellers' health.

Day and Night - A graphical display which shows you day and night around the globe.

Family Travel Guide - An American based family friendly wesbite on staying safe.

Lonely Planet - A vast resource library of travel guides.

Maps of the World - Map facility for almost anywhere, includes some hotel locations, tourist information centres and tourist attractions.

Travel Blog - A travel blog with real info, by real travellers.

Airline Seating - Discover the exact dimensions of every seat on every plane in the air.

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